Human Resources Policy
Publish Date: 22.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 02.11.2013


“IT industry primarily in the production, including that based on all the phases of human consciousness;

Future, but the quality of the country and the company, trained and have the knowledge and skills to guide itself to the needs of the technological era, people can plan with.

AKGÜN gives value to employees with an understanding of human-oriented management, training and development leads.

Promotions of employees, self-development perseverance, loyalty to the institution as a result of performance and performed. In human resources, especially in mission-critical assignments Akgün priority for the team within the company employees.

Impartial and equal terms of career management resources in achieving long-term goals with the company’s employees’ career development is supported by using the most efficient manner.

Our goal is to keep up with changes in the IT industry as a HR, the dynamics of the industry-friendly, open-minded, broad vision that makes a difference, is to have the human resources to reflect their ability to work.


Recruitment = Correct, Right People

Promotion, career = Merit, Performance, Corporate Culture Integration

Work and Life = only to work, not work to live,

Education = AKGÜN

University-Industry Collaborations, employment projects realized with Public Institutions and Organizations, Training and Employment projects and continues to lead the industry with qualified personnel will bring.



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