Mission & Vision
Publish Date: 22.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 01.11.2013


A primary goal of a corporate vision and mission is to support companies adopting, share it with employees. In this respect,

Vision and missions that we have;

Sharing Information

To be open to change and development, dynamic, innovation and creativity, giving, to invest in research and development;

Creating differences, regional and global level aims to provide a permanent advantage.

Open to the world. Vision, entrepreneurial spirit and courage created by the project and products, services offered by the claimant in the world market have the capacity and stability.

Conveys a sense of responsibility towards society, all social stakeholders work to add value to the moral and material sensitive to the environment.

On the road to the future, the past values ​​of power and national awareness of the importance of getting the course depends on the interests of family and moral values​​,

The key to success, efficient, disciplined and believes that work as planned.

Adds value to employees, professional training and development allows, rewards success.

A reputable, stable and strong, honest and reliable institution.

Focuses on the results.

Uncompromising product and service quality.

Participatory, fair and democratic management, realized the necessity of institutionalization, learning, and is an organization open to criticism.

Creating a pleasant working environment, team spirit, believe in the power of synergy and communication.

Customer focused, determined by market demand and expectations, according to him, direct the production.

Clean and organize your values, encourages frugality, waste opposite.

Human values, supports participatory.


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