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The word originates from the ancient Greek politics. As word meaning, “to observe a job “means. Turkish literature “politics” was used for the policy , but rather have taken place in the field of public administration and the ” public ‘s business, taking into consideration the specific path and execution according to the procedure ” is used to mean . Policy concept dictionary ” many alternatives in order to provide current and future direction of the decisions one way or the behavior of a particular style selected ” or ” acceptable overall objectives and long-term general plan covering methods are defined as” . Within the framework of this information, in line with our corporate identity of our organization,

Our Company is a fast-growing technology leading company in selling or writing new programs that will fall in line.

  •   To develop and advance projects based on the reach of our competitor’s subsequent policy. Our customers the best after-sales service and software , just in time to give regularly and continuously , aiming at customer satisfaction endless , services and software’s planned , with a team of qualified and constantly evolving to provide the most economical way to give ,
  •  All employees and interested parties, with the help of the necessary information and training they are, endanger the health and safety of other employees and visitors to foster an as their primary duty,
  • All activities related to the scope of the risk assessment of potentially dangerous situations and behaviors to establish the culture in a systematic way,
  • Our activities comply with all relevant local and national laws and regulations, we are committed to.

To achieve sustainable success and development of human resources to eliminate all obstacles to the system and processes are constantly reviewing, revising, and all developments in this area needs to be followed. Policy in the field of business management, “a principle or set of principles that guide management decision making “means. These principles will guide management activities and their respective claims decisions, creates an overall plan to achieve the goals set. To further strengthen the existing corporate identity in line with the definitions and policies created to codify the business and operations;

Information Security Policy
OHSAS 18001
ISO 9001
Asset Management Policy
Project Management Policy
Corporate Training Policy
Process Management Policy
Testing Policy
Measurement and Analysis Policy
Risk Management Policy
Product Integration Policy


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