Talent Pool Project
Publish Date: 22.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 02.11.2013

yetenekhavuzuminiObjective – Scope

Confident in your abilities , career, academic education in schools for students who want to continue to direct the project. Discovering young talents of the IT industry, supporting their personal development and R & D projects will demonstrate the technical competence experience. Developing , growing and dynamic IT sector by keeping the pulse of the young and uninhibited in science , the concept of lifelong learning extends to every bit of his life , moving forward towards achieving engineers .

Universities often come together with the Faculty of Engineering AKGÜN all kinds of academic and scientific study is taking decisive steps towards becoming a supporter.

As a result of collaborations with universities, higher education professionals who want to see the project take place at the same time we support masters and doctoral programs.

Talent Pool Application Process

Project applications from candidates who wish to take part in the Talent Pool at akgun.ik@akgun.com.tr

Following an evaluation of the applications that best describes yourself, your career plan demonstrably possess the qualifications to prove the capabilities of the projects in which the students will get the chance to work in the project and / or scholarships will be given to them until graduation.

Special training for the staff of Talent Pool Project, the opportunity to work with specialist software engineers, theoretical knowledge into practice, taking part in the current projects and graduates are given a chance to start her career Akgun software.


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