AKGÜN Academy
Publish Date: 22.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 02.11.2013


The speed of the acceleration due to rapidly rising IT industry in the world that can be cultivated in the difficulty of finding qualified personnel, our company provides the industry’s most important handicap. This important context, training activities, “Akgün School “cultivating qualified personnel in the industry with his project. Create added value for the IT sector AKGÜN, Akgün trained staff to provide the industry with the school, continues to promote youth employment. Akgün school adventure began in 2007 finishing period, the employment of graduates trained and qualified staff realized the sector.

We, as Akgün short, medium and long-term human resources sector in this issue arising from putting out projects to maximize the employment of qualified personnel and raising their expert team, AKGÜN the identity of the employees in the service sector that has the potential to carry in any environment we aim to offer . Corporate Culture AKGÜN with qualified personnel serving our customers to adopt and quality of service is also increasing with each passing day.

But the quality of the country and the future of the company, trained and self- guide the knowledge and skills to the needs of the technological era, human resources and human resources department to plan your awareness will continue to act in this regard with great enthusiasm to the planning process will continue to the finest detail.

Which became operational in 2011, was created for the school plaza, equipped with the latest technology in the computer lab with theoretical and practical training courses, except for the service of all trainees, and cooking facilities are offered. Akgün School in orientation, management, communications, software, hardware and technical training in a variety of module training, automation training, after sales support, customer relations, such as presentation skills training contributes to achieving career goals, and developing a portfolio of qualified employees.

Not only the technical competence of the teaching learners working life. Also facilitates the adaptation of new graduates working life of young people, information, knowledge and experiences convey. Employee’s trainers completely Akgün formed. In this way, participants learn Corporate Culture Akgün, Akgün Discipline is the sine qua non of his life and work in the area of learning awareness of customer satisfaction.


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