AKGÜN AKERP – CRM Business Management System
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


Logistics, manufacturing , finance , human resources base , accounting and support functions by integrating the automation of business processes such as document management , resource planning and control procedures within the scope of the entire organization that enables applications to easily and accurately referred to as ERP systems .

Basically, the existing business processes in an enterprise application, switch to a new ERP system to migrate to an environment, which means it will take longer living in this new structure.

Making preparations for use in the pre- transition and needs to be managed correctly. Here is a smart, thoughtful and meticulous work required. Technology must be taken into account outside the human and change management issues. Requires a multi-disciplinary team work. The basis of success, vibrant institution entered the period of use is the tendency of the total learning. The emergence of ERP installation and values ​​within the company is an opportunity for cultural exchange.

In recent years, enterprises of all activities of the workplace integration of multiple attempts, has created a new requirement for information technology. In fact, Enterprise Resource Planning software is a holistic strategy that performs the integration of global information.

ERP is the entity in accordance with the strategic goals and objectives in order to meet customer demand in different geographic areas of procurement, production and distribution of resources in the most effective and efficient way of planning, coordinating and controlling the functions of the respective system.


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