AKGÜN Hospital Information Systems
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


HIS , Hospital Information Systems , health institutions and organizations , administrative, financial , reliable medical information electronically stored correctly , the security and privacy of data , ensuring the necessary follow-up achieved this data in electronic form , the relevant health institutions and organization of the data to be integrated with other units , units is used for data exchange can provide an integrated device , other external systems under the control of the Ministry of Health ( Health-Net , MEDULA , MSRS , CRMS , etc.) in the host purposes such as data exchange automation systems can provide .

AkHBS , Akgün Hospital Information Systems , since 1986, health institutions and organizations , the Ministry of Health “Hospital Information Systems Procurement Policy Framework ” , to fit you , keeping up with the hundreds of years of experience in all kinds of innovations and the Health Ministry of Health continues to provide services and the establishment of institutions and .

AkHBS, AkgünHospital Information Systems is an integrated system with flexible modular structure. Information contained within the modules AkHBS tidy, the need to obtain appropriate follow-up ensures. AkHBS, Akgün Hospital Information Systems, health institutions and organization by integrating all the devices to obtain data fast and accurately, individuals receive health care applicants, the waiting; the result is time to minimum shrinkage, increase satisfaction with the institution, which receives instant information systems.

AkHBS, AKGÜN Hospital Information Systems, parametric structure that adapts to current conditions. Easy to administer, they want employees working order parametric structure of the health institution, in accordance with the legislation of the Ministry of Health ensures that flexible.

AkHBS thanks Inventory Tracking Operations for the hospital resources (Durable Mobile, Consumable Materials) as a follow up -to-date, management, efficient utilization. Also MSRS (Material Resource Management System) Integration of the Ministry of Health instant sync with the organization’s inventory tracking is provided. Through integrating the effective use of material resources is provided. Efficient use of the hospital provides a major contribution to the budget and the budget of the country. Thanks to leading pharmaceutical and materials, wherein the patient pharmacy operations, management, approvals are made.

Stock level alarm management solutions provide easy to pharmacies and material stocks.

AkHBS, MEDULA Integration with the General Health Insurance (UHI) of the patients involved, only the identification number of the right to receive services quickly and easily service MEDULA questioned the patient can be given. Saving convenient and fast way MEDULA patient services provided and thus the preparation of billing transactions are automatically done faster payments and services provided. SUT ‘ invoices are prepared in accordance with the rules properly, sending MEDULA provided.

The patient reports (dialysis, physical therapy, disability, drugs, etc.) are MEDULA instant delivery. MEDULA previously recorded by a different hospital, the patient’s report in the report to be dispensed easily achieved by providing the appropriate services report increased patient satisfaction.

Outside the scope of GSS (negotiated, paid, subject to BUT) patients services (therapy, medication, etc.) are billed according to the appropriate regulations, single and bulk billing is provided. Various reports can be certified according to the working order on the payment institutions.

AkHBS , Akgün Hospital Information Systems , starting with the patient’s hospital admission , hospitalization , treatment , surgery, discharge , referral processes , such as in the process chain , the victim of the patient , without the right patient at the right are provided to non-stop action, will contribute to the automation process . Patient hospital services, serving the elements of these procedures, observations, medical requirements to transmit automated screens that provide a user-friendly interface.

Provide easy access to the physical file is stored in accordance with the legislation of the patient, strong, active, manageable archive module file requests with the clinical process and administrative process, employees are encouraged to follow or archive file returns electronically. Control of the archive documents electronically delivered incomplete done by the employee, the completion of the file is followed by the clinical staff.

AkHBS, Akgün Hospital Information Systems, automation, users can avoid errors during data entry with the control systems more reliable, more efficient, contributes to the storage of information. Possible integration of the device or mobile devices by providing an additional burden on the user by using the transfers made ​​to HBS. Thus, errors due to input data manually reset. Red Crescent Blood Center blood bank module AkHBS through the integration of web services is done by ensuring the supply of blood to the patient.

Red Crescent patient required blood, by the method of claim quickly through web services requested and the Red Crescent sent to the institution after the request for money or donations or grants from donor blood from a donor with the Red Crescent operations after obtaining the approval of the HBS system is entered. A result of a disease or disorder in the donor’s statement to the donor during the donor again with web services on a temporary or permanent basis Crescent rejection process reported. Thus, a fast and accurate way to reach the blood to the patient can be ensured. HBS system with the web services of this blood still Crescent separation, division, washing, etc. Process can be applied to transactions notified to the Red Crescent prompted again. Finally, the availability of blood, the user (patient exiting), destruction, etc… HIS side of the stock with the blood supply side of the Red Crescent Red Crescent informed synchronization information provided. Leading up to the billing of patient blood during MEDULA side, blood data (unit number, component code) of the blood in which the information is sent to the patient exited.
AkHBS, Health -Net (the collection of health data standards and health inventory directly from where they are produced with the aim of creating the platform) with the integration of the Ministry of Health Net’s submission of the data provided the requested format.

Health-Net CHAS ( Central Appointment System) by providing an integrated data exchange are made, and produced rulers speed MHRS transferred to work as a doctor , patients receive an appointment for the hospital is provided. HIMS transfer of patient information is received via CHAS patient and the patient directly to the clinic for an appointment time to start operations.

AkHBS, Akgün Hospital Information Systems, keeping records of the devices used in hospitals by providing equipment maintenance and calibration procedures are performed electronically follow-up.

AkHBS, Akgün Hospital Information System, Ministry of Health, the Agency, Association of Public Hospitals and requested the General Secretariat of CHB contains solutions for statistical data.

AkHBS, Akgün Hospital Information Systems, authority is provided with the system to secure access to data. And automation, providing a single entry for each user “user code” displays the user’s authority contained within the modules and switch modules are provided. AkHBS, Akgün Hospital Information Systems, where needed, hiding the traces of the actions of the user keep track of these transactions. A retrospective monitoring of transactions is provided.

Through automation, the manager on the functioning of the entire hospital for clinical, financial and administrative monitoring of the flow is provided. The manager’s daily, monthly, is to make various inquiries. AkHBS, Akgün Hospital Information Systems, competent, professional staff to ensure full compliance with the new regulations will be published, health institutions and structures of organization always welcomes new employees will occur according to the demands and meet.

AkHBS, Akgün Hospital Information Systems, automation CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration Maturity level 3 certification) to establish the model of the processes, and these processes to be followed, with the submission of high quality of services provided. AkHBS, Akgün Hospital Information Systems, proficient in the “Call Center” is provided with the staff to ensure continued automation by providing services to 7×24.

AkHBS, Akgün Hospital Information Systems, Modular Structure;

Clinical Modules

• Patient Acceptance Module
• Outpatient Module
• Emergency Module
• Service Module
• Laboratory Module
• Radiology Module
• Birth and Operation Module
• Hemodialysis Module
• Oral and Dental Health Module
• Board of Health Module
• Pharmacy Module
• Blood Center Module
• Nuclear Medicine Module
• Archive Module
• Desk Module
• Sterilization Module

Administrative Modules

• Cashier Module
• Invoicing Module
• Device Tracking Module
• Statistics Module
• Personnel Module
• Administrator Module
• Uniform Accounting Module
• Payroll Module
• Inventory and Asset Tracking Module
• Purchase Module
• Document Module
• Tracking Service Module
• Training Module
• Assistant Module
• Computer Management Module
• Information Technology and Support Module


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