AKGÜN LCD Call and Information
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 26.12.2013

LCD Cagri ve Hasta Bilgilendirme

LCD Call and Information application developed to inform and direct person public / private institutions, organizations.

LCD – Plasma Information call to arrange for process traffic automation system is established. Organizations doors fitted with LCD Monitor people examined by the data processing system are given positions. Where the organization administration agreed LCD – Plasma – LED information panels installed, these panels registration desks, process and people queues, managers’ and departments’ names, informative messages, patient names, some of the announcements and warnings, date and time can be displayed as the articles.


• Has a dynamic structure. The properties of objects on the screen can be changed by the user.

• All screens have a parametric structure and all form designs can be user-specific. The designs are the xml file.

• Building and clinics could be reflected in the display filter information by giving only the desired location.

• Mold manager, the display shows the desired forms that appear on the screen, the view from the forms of the mold by creating these patterns with features that appear on the screen makes it possible to certain periods. Is stored in the client database from molds created from a previously created any pattern can be displayed with a single click.

• Information screens possible aspect of television.

• All information is possible to add subtitle as parametric screens.

• The institution prepared announcements, videos, and presentations can be user-defined periods shown.


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