The Message of Chairman of the Board of Directors
Publish Date: 22.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 18.11.2013


Turkey is an emerging economy and the world’s rising value of the Turkish economy has become a contributing AKGÜN Group for over 27 years, we have created a solid foundation for sustainable growth strategies and draw table. Today we continue to increase our market share and our customers, are one of the pioneers of the industry’s most important.

In the current information age and the impact of globalization, the present competitive environment, in order to receive a share of the world market encourages the production of great perseverance and stability. Our goal and our vision is to offer services, integrated products , the team continued to improve our work , and we also need a strong brand , focusing on information technology to contribute to the development of domestic and overseas .

I would like to express frank, we are pleased and proud to serve our country and in the international arena. People-oriented, high sense of responsibility and by speeding up the dynamic structure we want to continue our services.

AKGÜN As a group, we are experts in foundation activities in business fields, continued in 2013. Measures to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability on the one hand, while on the other hand, observing the behavior of sectoral and technological developments and customer efficiency and productivity, brought out to the fore.

As a group we will continue to overcome the difficulties Akgün Health Sector to work more effectively and efficiently, and performance that meets the expectations of both our customers and our shareholders will catch in full confidence. Leading the way for over a quarter century, together with the strength and confidence to recall the name of AKGÜN shareholders, intense, attentive, professional and dedicated efforts and for their contribution to our cast, for their support and confidence of our customers, both domestic and international economic and social stakeholders and the venerable would like to thank our partners, delivers and supports gratitude I wish to be with us always.

Yours sincerely


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