Drug Information System ( Vademecum )
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


Experts working in the field of medicine which is continuous and uninterrupted access to the data needed , Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency of Turkey ‘s current published price details , repayment of which the current monitoring and drug -specific solution detailed information ;

Current prices for each drug reimbursement data, pharmacological detail information, equivalents, symptoms, etc. resulting from the use of … knowledge of all kinds can be reached, thereby questioning of the patient and their symptoms as a result of interaction constitute the medicines given by data to minimize the error resulting from providing medical.

Detailed for each drug “Active Compounds” and the dose amount of these active agents are listed. Prescribing information for each drug, and can be seen. Pdf format can be saved.

Depending on the active substance of the drug can be reached with the selling prices of alternative medications. Lists of medications that may interact with drugs and food consumption can be taken and the patient during the stimulation of the user with the information provided.

Planned to be the diagnosis of the patient’s medications, nutrition, symptoms and characteristics (sex, blood group, breast-feeding, etc …) which interact with reason, and of which the drugs or medicines which will be queried information, the decision has been given.

Drugs contemplated for use for the patient medication previously provided to interact with a drug, the system is notified. In addition, the system does not have enough stock to stock alternative or equivalent drugs, and the patient can use them if you can.


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