The Message of Chairman of the Board of Directors
Publish Date: 22.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 02.11.2013

28“The world is the most important resource on the” Human Resources “. Recruitment, training, performance, productivity, career management and professional development, this process is the most important investment tool.

Our aim is to create AKGÜN difference. To achieve our objectives as a whole, to keep pace with change, grow continually push the boundaries, the near perfect and perfect is going to stop you, dear young people and will be able to AKGÜN employees and future.

Dear young people;

Akgun see this as an important milestone in your career, you will put forward innovative ideas will have the opportunity to provide added value to the sector and the country. Participate in the work of the R & D Center; CMMI Project Management Methodology Processes may be involved in business processes, information security work within the framework of the basic principles of play.

You are the most precious assets reflecting the characteristics of hundreds of Akgun. Professionalism and belief, this should be worthy of your goals. Believe will grow together, passionately, hold on, should focus on the goal.

Our vision, our mission, values, convenient, powerful, confident eyes, can look to the future, bold, innovative, young and dynamic and colleagues are waiting for you who want to leave their mark.

Love and respect. “


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